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Having just arrived in the great port city of Deepharbor, humble bards Edmond and Edna are suddenly tasked with running a Tavern. Recruit fellow adventuring heroes, manage your tavern, and possibly... find romance?

Bardic: Quest for Love is an enchanting blend of Adventure and Dating Sim set in the magical city of Deepharbor. Playing as either Edmond or Edna, a humble bard fresh to the city of Deepharbor, they are suddenly tasked with running a tavern. Players must navigate the challenges of managing a struggling establishment while exploring the realms of love, adventure, and city life in the sprawling port city of Deepharbor.

The Heroes

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Release Date: February 14, 2024

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Protagonist Selection:

  • Players can choose to play as either Edmond or Edna, two bards who unexpectedly find themselves as the owners of a rundown tavern.

Main Objective:

  • The primary goal is to resurrect the struggling tavern within a time limit of four weeks. To do so, players must make life-changing decisions, find a duet partner for The New Year Hearts Ball, and embark on adventures to keep the tavern thriving.

Adventure and Romance:

  • Immerse yourself in a rich narrative featuring 12 colorful heroes. Engage in quirky dialogues and captivating stories, seeking companionship and potential employees for your tavern. Players have the opportunity to recruit heroes they encounter in their adventures to work at the tavern, each bringing their unique skills and personalities.

Tavern Management Sim:

  • Players must balance their efforts managing the tavern and earning gold. Experience a unique Tavern Management Sim minigame in-between VN Cutscenes.

How will you fare in  the city of Deepharbor??

  • With 12 colorful heroes to romance, you can engage in their quirky dialogue and learn more about them and their rich backstories. After recruiting everyone, you are given four weeks to make life-changing decisions, find your duet partner, seek adventures, and keep your tavern alive.



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